Terms and Conditions


You need to know all about the terms and conditions for Superdorx, and down below that is exactly what you are going to find.

A service or product is always going to be sold under terms and conditions and it is essential that you understand them all before you make a purchase. You must take the time to read these conditions carefully, to fully understand the service that you are signing up for.



Superdorx have a wide range of services on offer such as Website Design, SEO Marketing, Management, Maintenance. The chosen services will require a signature before anything is signed over to client.

By signing this contract, you are agreeing to give us whatever we need in order to get the job done, as and when we require it for the project. This will include text, images, fonts, and anything else we deem necessary. It will also be presented to be in the format that we have requested such information in.

You agree that you are to review our work, provide feedback and are bound by the deadlines that we will set together. You are required to sign-off on the project promptly and agree to stick to the payment schedule that has already been discussed.

Superdorx possess the expertise to provide you with the service that you require, and we will do everything that we can in order to deliver your service in a timely manner.

Superdorx will not be held responsible if there is a late launch or a delay to you receiving your service because you did not supply the information we required in a timely manner.

Any information that you provide shall remain confidential and will only be used to aid the design and launch of the website.

Tech Support

Superdorx offers maintenance and management for the free website provided under certain subscriptions. This will include having a dedicated Dork to handle all of your website needs and available to you 24/7.

Superdorx offers free hosting and management of the server, unless the client provides their own hosting. This will include a free SSL certificate for website and maintenance management customers.

Changes and Revisions

Changes and revisions will be limited to what is included in the package that you have purchased unless you signed for the free website. The free website option includes our full-time dedication for the first 2 months.

Superdorx offers its Essentials website management and maintenance customers 48-hour response times with a 4-5 day turnaround.

Superdorx offers its Standard website management and maintenance customers 24-hour response times with a 2-3 day turnaround.

Superdorx offers its Premium website management and maintenance customers 6-hour response times with a 1-2 day turnaround.

If the work that will be needed for the revision is more than we had planned for, then you may be subject to an additional charge. If this is the case, then we will provide you with another quote for the extra work.


The website management and maintenance Essential package offered by Superdorx is available at $900 per month.
The website management and maintenance Standard package is offered at $1400 per month and includes a free custom website.
The website management and maintenance Premium package is offered at $2100 per month and includes a free custom website.

The SEO Basic subscription is offered at $590 per month.
The SEO Pro subscription is offered at $1290 per month and includes a free custom website.

If you agree to receive a free website provided by Superdorx, a full year term is required. This is the case for both website management and maintenance customers, and SEO customers.

As agreed by both parties, the payment schedule will follow the schedule as laid down below. However, this schedule may be revised at any time if a discussion between both parties has taken place and a new plan has been reached.

50% of the total fee will be required upon signing of agreement for all new website projects. The remaining total fee is to be paid on completion of the project. For all monthly plans, 100% of the total monthly fee is required on signing before work can commence.

If the payment is more than 14 days after the scheduled date, interest shall start to build. We reserve the right to add 15% to any outstanding balance every 7 days. This may only begin after the date of invoice and after the customer receives the finished product.


Superdorx will not be held responsible for any third-party damages, including loss of profits, loss of savings, or other.

If there is anything in this terms and conditions list that is illegal or for any reason can be unenforceable or void, then that part of the contract becomes void. However, the rest of the contract will still be enforceable without impacting its validity.

Superdorx will handle all of the design aspects and functionality of the website. This includes one main design and two chances for you to make revisions to the final choice. If after this has all been settled, you decide that you are not happy with the final design, there will be an additional quote for the extra design work.

If you are not happy with the job that has been completed after 3 months, you are free to cancel this contract and find another expert to do this work for you. Superdorx will, however, keep the initial payments for all of the work that was put in up until cancellation.


When final payment is received, copyright is assigned as:

You own the graphics and any other visual element that has been created for the purpose of your website. You will receive a copy of all files that you will need to take care of. Another one will not be supplied should you lose the first one.

You own the content, photographs and any other data that was used to create the service. The only reason that you would not own such things is if someone else owns them. However, Superdorx owns the HTML markup, and CSS which we license to you specifically for this project, and this project alone.

While we do not own any of the work, we do reserve the right to display the work that we have completed for you as part of our portfolio.

Superdorx will not be offering technical support for website hosting with any other companies, and the same is true for other services that relate to website hosting. We only offer technical support for hosting on our hosting server.

You must not transfer this contract to anybody else without permission from both parties. This contract will stay in place for now and unless another, more permanent solution can be reached. This contract does not need to be renewed or reviewed unless felt necessary by either party. If there is such a part of the contract that becomes invalid for whatever reason, the rest stays in place no matter what. This will be the case unless agreed upon by both parties involved.